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In the marketing context, the purpose of content is to automate the selling process to the point where the customer arrives hand in pocket, ready to pay for your product or service. Each piece and type of content is a part of that automated selling machine. When you deploy quality content you get new customers, happier and more loyal returning customers, better positioning and conversion for your products and services, accelerated growth, and positive ROI on efficient marketing spend.

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Be an Authority on Any Subject With The Career-Boosting Power of Books

Unless you plan to be a best-selling author, books these days are written not so much with profit in mind, but for two very important career-enhancing purposes. One is authorityWhen it comes to breaking down the barriers to success, books are a battering ram, and can help you save years on building up your credibility. The second reason follows from the first: books are great marketing tools. Consumers don’t want to be sold to. They want value, knowledge they can use, and books are a great way to market yourself as you deliver that value.

Featured Book   Learn iOS Application Distribution

Published by Apress in New York.   Find it on Amazon


Writing With Awareness of Substance And Purpose

Content varies greatly depending on the set goals, and at which point on the customer journey it is consumed. From audience-building to conversion, a good copywriter knows that:

  • Every word matters
  • The order and sequence of words matters
  • The tone of voice matters
  • The timing of the message matters
  • Knowing your audience matters
  • Matching content to the medium matters
  • Researching your subject thoroughly matters
  • Making content easily findable matters
  • Matching content to its intended purpose matters
  • Matching content to the right stage in the customer journey matters
  • Delivering on time matters

Featured Articles   Augmented Reality Series


Own a Selling Machine Running on Autopilot That Turns Leads Into Customers

To truly contribute to sales, a company’s online presence must venture beyond the land of mediocrity, where a “website” is just an extension of a business card that only tells visitors the “who” and the “what”. It must inspire, excite, captivate and convert.

The websites below, for which I have produced content and/or helped build the user experience, include an augmented reality company, a hotel management company, and a vetting-based carpooling app startup.

Featured Websites


You Need It, And Need To Be Good At It. Period.

Success means delivering your offer to the right prospects with the right message, and converting them into buyers. Before you convert anyone, however, you must find them, and they’re not paying attention to ads in newspapers or on television anymore. In fact they rarely pay attention to ads at all. Whether they’re looking for local dentists or hotels in Spain, these days they’re searching for it on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. But even if reaching your audience is tough, online success is not an option. It’s vital for any business, regardless of what that business is selling.


Communicate in The Languages That Matter For You

Advances in language processing have made language a much smaller barrier to overcome that it once was. Overcoming that barrier, however, still requires some subtlety and skill that machine translation cannot provide. It’s often imperative that you reach your customers in their language rather than your own and do so in a way that shows youunderstand their culture.

Featured Service   Translated News Reports, Roundups & Analyses


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